About Us

About US

Shellvoide a tutorial-based website for those who are eager to learn and spend their time learning about Linux, WiFi Cracking and who are willing to achieve time-consuming tasks with less code in Python. If you are eager to learn, then this site might be for you. What you will cover here are the basics and some of the advanced solutions to different problems. Some of the written articles here would require that you already have acquired the basic knowledge. The most basic example is of Python. Some of articles will have a basic kick-start introduction about the technology that is going to be used throughout the rest of tutorial.


We use Disqus platform to provide with you the facility of commenting and sharing your views. Moreover, you are free to contact with the Author of your respective article. Email will be given on the author's profile, if provided. Well, if you have questions regarding site or you are facing connection or any sort of other problems. You are free to contact me whenever you want on my email. You can contact us our facebook page too.



I am a Python programmer and a Linux user. I've almost more than three-year experience with Kali and been working on it since then.


Nothing here.