Using Anonsurf To Hide IP Address And Surf Anonymously On Internet

by vault . 14 May 2018

Using Anonsurf To Hide IP Address And Surf Anonymously On Internet

I'll show you how you can anonymously surf the Internet using anonsurf, a ported stealth script for Kali Linux developed by Parrot Sec team. It will stealthy run in the background and will keep changing the source IP from time to time and will try to hide your identity to far best privacy level it can.

Anonsurf make use of I2P, Tor and iptables services to hide one's identity on the Internet. What made this script popular is it's stealthy execution and browser support. You don't need to download a specific browser or any other such service to surf. Just start anonsurf and you are good to go, regardless of the browser you are working on. Unlike Tor which use a different IP for every website the user visit, anonsurf use the same IP but change it after a limited time period like maybe 5 to 10 minutes.



Clone into the project repository from github:

git clone

Now, you will have the cloned directory which is kali-anonsurf. Move to this directory and give the .installer script execution permissions:

cd kali-anonsurf
chmod a+x ./

Then run the installer script:

sudo ./

This will install all the dependancies and requirements for the script.




Here's the anonsurf usage:

anonsurf [command]

Possible commands are:

  • start: Start Tor services through iptables.
  • stop: Stop the anonsurf services.
  • change: Restart the services and change identity, if having connection problems.
  • restart: Same as 'stop' and then 'start'.
  • starti2p: Start i2p services.
  • stopi2p: Stop i2p services.


Now, just start the anonsurf service:

anonsurf start
anonsurf started

After this, you can verify if the IP address is successfully changed or not.

Stopping the anonsurf...

anonsurf stop


So, we could use anonsurf as our personal background hiding program. The best thing so far is its stealthy execution and the browser support. The syntax is simple and there's no confusing thing about anonsurf. It's all pretty straightforward.